Attract new clients & impress existing ones!

Create excitement about your company! When you are driving from one job to the next or meeting a potential client, are you maximizing your marketing and advertising potential? Vehicle Graphics or a Car Wrap is a great way to create buzz about your business!  People like to see cool vehicle graphics, a car wrap or a combination of the two that are fun to look at!

Make your brand visible!

The average car wrap is seen by thousands of eyes a day.  Make your company vehicle work for you and attract serious attention to your message and your brand! If you consider that you drive an average of 12,000 miles per year in your vehicle, think of all the potential branding impressions that you could make! It makes sense why you continue to see more and more companies with full or partial vehicle wraps.

With advertising, you pay for the value of visual impressions, the more impressions an ad makes, the more valuable it is. Billboards have always been the most popular form of street advertising for companies. They are large, colorful and get seen by hundreds of thousands of people daily. Now your company vehicles can be a billboard on wheels. Once you decide on a car wrap or vehicle graphics, you are done. The design is in place and you have constant impressions from there.

Rudnick Electric Signs can help you decide options that are best for you. From removable door magnetics, to full-color, eye-popping car, truck or van wraps, you are only limited by your imagination! Call Rudnick Electric Signs today and start taking advantage of this simple, yet highly effective form of advertising.


We are with you every step of the way from design to development to install, making sure that the job is done right!


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