Sign Restoration

Description: If you have a sign that needs some attention, Rudnick Electric Signs does sign restoration. Find out more about what we can do for your existing sign!

If you have a sign that has done great work for you, but needs a little face lift, Rudnick Electric Signs can take care of you! Business signage is the first impression your company makes on incoming clients. Be sure that it is the right impression. Whether it is a simple touch up paint job, polish, or lighting repair, we've done it all. Restoration is also a great, cost effective option for your business.

If you've found that the city has changed its sign regulations, we are also able to help you make the necessary adjustment to keep your sign up to code. At Rudnick, we are here to help! Give us a call and let our team keep your brand in tip top shape! If your business or brand is in need of sign restoration contact us so we can give you a consultation/quote.

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